Saturday, June 19, 2010

Watson again

Whoops...wrong Watson!


Laurel Kornfeld said...

I've always identified with the character of Hermione. In fact, I can just see Professor Snape calling me "an insufferable know it all" and sending me to detention to write who knows how many times, "Pluto is not a planet, Pluto is not a planet, etc." Of course, I would have taken every book from the library supporting my viewpoint and gone straight to Dumbledore to protest.

Mercury said...

A Hogwarts terror? Spanking should be revived! :)

Laurel Kornfeld said...

Dumbledore would not agree with you. Professor Umbridge would probably love the idea.

If the IAU and "Pluto is not a planet" folks have to resort to physical violence, that only shows how weak their arguments are. :)

Mercury said...

But Laurel, the old axiom of "might makes right" may be true. [I just love ethics.] :)

Dumbledore? Typical pedagogue where wisdom can fail in not realizing that evil is part of humanity and can never be squelched. [This is a Hegelian and Existential concept.]

Hmmmm, how would the Minister of Magic, Umbridge, fit in unless she is in defense against the Dark Arts Professor [Snape?] aka "those that say Pluto is not a planet"?