Friday, June 18, 2010

Johns Hopkins' 1st woman Ph.D. in 1893--Florence Bascom

Florence Bascom
July 14th, 1862 to June 18th, 1945

Geological Society of America's magazine...

Bascom was the first woman hired by the U.S. Geological Survey (1896), the first woman to present a paper before the Geological Society of Washington (1901), the first woman elected to the Council of the Geological Society of America (elected in 1924; no other woman was elected until after 1945), and the first woman officer of the GSA (vice president in 1930). She was an associate editor of the American Geologist (1896-1905) and a four-starred geologist in the first edition of American Men and Women of Science (1906), which meant that her colleagues regarded her as among the country's hundred leading geologists. After joining the Bryn Mawr College faculty, Bascom founded the college's geology department. This site became the locus of training for the most accomplished female geologists of the early 20th century.

Florence Bascom [Wikipedia]

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