Friday, June 18, 2010

Having a big one will draw the Queen of England

William Lassell
June 18th, 1799 to October 4th, 1880

We're referring to telescopes. Queen Victoria especially liked the 24" reflector. And he even made a 48" reflector in Malta. The discovery of Neptune's moon Triton, Saturn's eighth moon Hyperion, and Uranus' satellites Ariel and Umbriel and other astronomical features are credited to him.

William Lassell [Wikipedia]

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Montag said...

I was scratching out an outline for a poem involving telescopes ( among other things ) on June 18 through 19. Interesting coincidence. ( in case of interest... no mention of Lassell - thank heaven! that would be too much.)

Philosophy of Science is great. I was introduced to the study of nomic statements in science about the same time you were - I was in the Jurassic class, a year or two ahead of you.