Monday, August 8, 2011

Time travel...sure, in 1952

Tales of Tomorrow

"Ahead of his Time"

Season 1, Episode 41

July 18th, 1952

The world in 2052 is a pretty wonderful place - no wars, no poverty, no famines - but all humankind is about to be destroyed because of a small miscalculation in a scientific experiment a century earlier set off a chain reaction that will contaminate the Earth with a lethal amount of radiation. With only hours before the end of the World, a 21st Century scientist attempts to send a message to colleagues a hundred years in the past to prevent the mistake using a 20th Century man`s new time machine.


Paul Tripp [Sam Whipple]

Ruth Enders [Mary Jarvis]

Theo Goetz [Doctor Jarvis]

Joy Hathaway [Sara]

Arthur Tell [Doctor Thome]

"Ahead of his Time"

Tales of Tomorrow [Wikipedia]

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