Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boeing X-37...for science or military?

The Air Force is preparing to launch this robotic spacecraft that resembles a small space shuttle to perform unspecified technology tests in orbit and then autonomously glide on stubby wings to a landing on a California runway. Originally intended to be launched from a space shuttle, the reusable X- 37 space plane has been a decade in development.

One wonders about the connections between NASA and the military concerning the Boeing X-37 that is scheduled to be launched today. Does any of the space fund money support such research. Note how impersonal warfare has become. If successful, there will be big bucks for Boeing.

Boeing X-37 [Wikipedia]

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Timothy said...

and so????? almost everything has military applications....what? NASA is the space version of the Peace Corps? rocketry was behind the ICBM...not Apollo 13