Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gerald S. Hawkins...Stonehenge

Gerald S. Hawkins
April 20th, 1928 to 26 May 26th, 2003

Gerald Stanley Hawkins was an English astronomer and mathematician who identified Stonehenge to be a prehistoric astronomical observatory. He identified 165 key points in the Stonehenge complex and found that many of them very strongly correlated with the rising and setting positions of the sun and moon. He used a computer to show that there existed at Stonehenge a pattern of alignments with twelve major lunar and solar events. He first published his findings in an article, Stonehenge Decoded, in the journal Nature (1963), and then in a book with the same title (1965). In Beyond Stonehenge he explored the mysteries of Machu Pichu, the Nasca Lines, Easter Island and the Egyptian Temples of Karnak and Amon-Ra.

Gerald Hawkins [Wikipedia]

December 21st at about 8am...Salisbury, England...see ya there

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