Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Will perpetual motion be realized?" poll

Will perpetual motion be realized?



Don't know...2

Maybe the laws of physics as we understand them are different in other sections the universe.

The value of a small amount of knowledge of science


Timothy said...

one hears that the laws of physics could be different in other sections of the universe....i see no reason why there would be an aberration anywhere....and that is based on the speed of light.....but who are we to know?

Beato said...

The most we can aspire is to increase the efficiency of the engine. Heat losses, friction, noise, light and other forces will always consume part of the energy generated. These losses can only increase as the machine is increased in size. It is simply physically impossible to generate energy out of nothingness.
Many snake oils will come and go, but it simply cannot be achieved with the level of technology we have.
This discussion is similar to my constant arguments with the concept of 'zero discharge' on industrial waste water processes. Yes, you eliminate the liquid discharge to a minimum but the emission either goes to the air, a hazardous waste container, a brine, the soil or a furnace. It cannot simply vanish.