Sunday, March 21, 2010

SAD and RSAD--depression

We had a major snow storm this past weekend and it brought back thoughts of the psychological states of Seasonal Affective Disorder [SAD] and Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder [RSAD]. Heavy clouds and lots of snow...and it was late March. This has been an extraordinarily tough Winter and to have this event just made things miserable. But the odd feature [and a plus] due to Daylight Saving Time, the day was longer. With SAD you may feel sad, grumpy, moody, or anxious, lose interest in your usual activities, eat more and crave carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta, gain weight, or sleep more and feel drowsy during the daytime. The symptoms come and go at about the same time each year and for most people with SAD, symptoms start in September or October and end in April or May. RSAD is just the reverse of seasons and happens in the late Summer months. How does one cope? Well, artificial light works, such as fluorescent and maybe just getting out and walking. I suppose mood elevating drugs would work too. It's just odd how the mind and physiology function.

Seasonal affective disorder [Wikipedia]

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Timothy said...

having been born in a sunny climate i developed SAD living in Minnesota. it was an alien feeling to this happy idiot. it was not until i had returned to California for a couple of years that i finally went off of my meds. terrible thing to live with, i feel for those with it. the pharmacist in Minnesota used to share the information that as soon as September came around the prescriptions for meds went up...not a pleasant thing SAD