Friday, March 12, 2010

"Right to die" poll

Do you advocate the principles of a "right to die" philosophy?



Aren't you the captain of your own ship and can recognize when it is time to end one's life? You don't need a committee or a body of laws to dictate your activity based on some archaic, untenable, or obscure notions. The terminally ill should have the power to abdicate existence upon their will and without independent questioning. Vegetative individuals is another issue. Recall the Terri Schiavo situation.


UFO said...

my mom died at age 82, after 18 months of no move and no comunication, after a last one Cerebral Vascular Accident.
Pain, inhumanity, what else ?
Why people that I do not know are entitled to comand my end if I do not whish to obbey nor comand them?
living in society has some price to pay but I intend to be free about myself.
Anyone is entitled to comand his own life, but not mine, please, please.

Mercury said...


The poll ran for 36 hours and is now closed. Your comments have been posted and sentiment noted. I will add your vote to the "Yes".