Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars"

I do remember this book, Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars, by Ellen MacGregor.

One in a series of charming science adventures for youngsters. Miss Pickerell goes to visit her pet cow one morning and finds a rocketship in the pasture! It's a mission to Mars, and a curious Miss Pickerell finds herself accidentally locked inside! The science is a tad bit dated, being written in the 1950's, but the adventure and fun will introduce scientific concepts to children and may even awake an interest in science. There are many other Miss Pickerell books, in which she visits the Arctic, space stations, lunar colonies, and goes diving in an atomic submarine! Charming fun and adventure with a science backdrop is all too rare. Though a bit out of date science-wise, Miss Pickerell's adventures are sure to be treasured by youngsters. Also an interesting read for nostalgic adults, believe it or not.

And, it is still in print 60 years later.

ISBN-10: 0070445605
ISBN-13: 978-0070445604

Ellen MacGregor

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