Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dump those naive notions of "motion" science...Pierre Gassendi and Galileo

Pierre Gassendi
January 22nd, 1592 to October 24th, 1655

"Modern students who study movement were found to harbour many of the same naive beliefs as our scientific forefathers. The history behind the elimination of these naive beliefs is presented here in order to help encourage elimination of these naive beliefs. Several studies found these naive beliefs to be held by novice students today. These naive beliefs held in the Science of movement have posed major problems for teaching novice students. Conflicting methods of modelling these movements have been the source of much controversy over time as concepts changed. Considering a conceptual change in history can be helpful in education."

History of Scientists´ Elimination of Naive Beliefs about Movement by Matthias R. Risch

Pierre Gassendi [Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy]

Pierre Gassendi [Wikipedia]

The philosophy of Gassendi by George Sidney Brett

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