Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Charlie Chan...Old Time Radio

Continuing the Charlie Chan interest...here are a few old time radio episodes.


On radio, Charlie Chan was heard in different series on four networks (Blue, NBC, ABC, MBS) between 1932 and 1948. Walter Connolly initially portrayed Chan as part of Esso Oil's Five Star Theater, which serialized adaptations of Biggers novels. Ed Begley, Sr. had the title role in NBC's The Adventures of Charlie Chan (1944–45), followed by Santos Ortega (1947–48). Leon Janney and Rodney Jacobs were heard as Lee Chan, Number One Son, and Dorian St. George was the program's announcer. Radio Life magazine described Begley's Chan as "a good radio match for Sidney Toler's beloved film enactment."

Streaming episodes...

Charlie's Daughter Is Kidnapped

The Escaped Musician

The Frightened Sharaf

The Man Who Murdered Santa Claus

The Romantic Engineer

The Telltale Hands

Charlie Chan...more

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