Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ancient astronaut poll

Did ancient astronauts visit Earth?

Yes: 4 [50%]

No: 3 [37%]

Maybe: 1 [12%]

UFOs, diversity of the world's mythology, literary figures [Frankensteins, Draculas], bad science, science fiction, God--all represent something that provides a belief in the unknown, comfort, and in some cases salvation. It can also demean man's accomplishments and potential. Man is quite intelligent and hasn't even reached the plateau of knowledge and skills and conceptual formulations of ones own existence and position in the universe.

The visitations by ancient astronauts is a desire to lessen the feeling of loneliness...of some hope in that they may have left some valuable secrets behind, or will return and save us from ourselves and a dying planet...cure diseases, eliminate poverty, see the face of God. Is it really unconceivable that the pyramids were built by mankind's intellect and ingenuity...did aliens really assist? I don't think so. Face it, there isn't one item of physical evidence that would substantiate alien visitors. Just because an event or object cannot be explained doesn't mean that its antecedent is alien. It is a matter of faith and a wish that things would be different. Like Antoine De Saint-Exupery said..."The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves...but in our attitude towards them".

Birth of a very popular mythology

British UFO data released

Conspiracies...diehard myth makers

Frankenstein and bioethics is on campus at WSU

G. K. Chesterton--myths/logic

King Solomon's Mines...a myth challenged

March...astronomical lion and lamb

Mars...Percival Lowell's romance with the red planet

Myths/science; science/myths--needed...compatible?

Oh Hell...cannot forget this guy and location

Origin of science

Persephone [Περσεφονηία]...change of seasons

Pleiades and mythology careful

"Science, Knowledge, Wisdom, Life"

Science, Philosophy, Religion...the best?

Shroud of Turin to be questioned once again

Simple science and priestly control

Stanhengues...early astronomy?...and new digs

UFOs and foreign invasions [Earthly kind]

For those that selected "Yes", I invite you to share your reasoning and perspective.

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