Monday, March 30, 2009

"Space colonization/death of the human species" poll

Do you feel that space colonization is doomed and that mankind will die out as an Earth species?


It would stand to reason that if the mechanical failures are not addressed, as well as a better propulsion system, we may well be trapped on this planet. Also consider all the space junk in orbit. Besides, species don't exist forever.


Timray said...

if we ever get out of here it will be because we have ceased thinking "exploration" and begun to contemplate "let's get out of here". the time travel, re-engineering the human body and a self sustaining craft, our endeavors will have to look like those exiting the "Dust Bowl" and somewhere out there we will be known as the "Oakies from Earth" and that rests on the assumption that we will be welcomed versus annihilated....

Mercury said...

Now that's interesting Tim. "Colonization" based on the need of species survival...the haste in such a plan would cost many lives...trial and error. But it may succeed.