Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Academics for all" poll

Do you believe that a college education is for everyone?

Yes--2 [40%]
No-3 [60%]

This reads like a mythical entitlement program...much like home owner ship. Over 40 years ago I saw the same thing...the baby boomers were hitting the college circuit. Why? Many reasons...and still valid today. High school was ending and eyes were on colleges and universities. It was what everyone was doing. It made no difference what the interest was...all were entitled to a higher was the thing to do. Within two years of undergraduate work I began to see what some were doing: Away from home and party time, fraternities and sororities, family pressures, false expectations, misunderstanding of what a higher education at that time meant. The second part here deals with "dumbing down the academics". Many universities are closing the humanities...the fulcrum of academics for most universities and concentrating on the sciences and technology fields. Colleges and universities have catered to vocational interests better served by vocational and proprietary schools. Frankly those schools could care less about literature, history, philosophy and that's fine for they are oriented towards careers in the technical and service industry. Those schools don't even provide basic English courses. A pity. Communication skills are essential. Those that are better served by vocational and proprietary schools should stay clear of academic institutions for they do not cater to their specific needs of obtaining a trade. Those students do poorly in the humanities and struggle to keep their grades up.

Academics--not for everyone

Art of essays--T. H. Huxley

Bertrand Russell...critical thinker

College beyond the reach of some?

Higher education--costly

Higher education--not for all

Liberal arts...going?

Liberal education may be dying

The disadvantaged

Universities and umbrella majors

"YouTube"...venue for instruction and knowledge?

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