Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Use of "Intelligent Design" poll

The question...

Recent efforts by some groups have attempted to mask "creationism" as "intelligent design" to counter "evolution". Do you support the introduction of the "intelligent design" position in the debate between "creationism" and "evolution"?

Yes=2 [15%]
No=10 [76%]
Neutral=2 [15%]

It looks like 76% consider "intelligent design" to be a cover for "creationism" and not considered as a legitimate candidate for the "evolution/creationism" debate. Frankly, I stay away from the debate here...it is too complex and the arguments presented wouldn't change the positions held. I would only add that the positions need not be mutually exclusive but "intelligent design" arguments should be recognized for what they are..."creationism".

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