Saturday, March 14, 2009

Albert Einstein's birthday




Anonymous said...

Dear sir!

i've wanted to send you yesterday about Einstein's birthday as i came to know it was on March 14th as well as the "Pi" letter day :))
but I fell asleep before I do so as I wake up so early before dawn these days to work..

I have deep love, respect and gratitude for Albert Einstein and his achievements and philosophies.. i will never forget this day ...

Hope you are doing great and sorry for not being there most of the times .. im currently working on designing some book covers and writing some book reviews .. planning to pursue a career in the publishing field :)

im not sure if already did or not, but are you intending to post anything about the string theory?

Kindest warmest regards

Anonymous said...

ah! forgot to tell you that March 14th was also the birthday of the Italian astronomer and science historian Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli, the year 1835 :)

Mercury said...

Hello Sarah:

Yes, yesterday was "pi" day too and I just didn't get done all I wished to accomplish but I will mention that later today or tomorrow.

No, there will be nothing on "string theory" but only as an epistemological approach namely, the validity of such as being a source of knowledge.