Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Italian semiconductor physics from 1945 to 1965

Technology is not exclusive to the United States especially in the field of semiconductors. Here is a paper regarding Italy's contribution from 1945 through 1965.


The activities carried out by Italian physicists in the field of semiconductor physics during the period spanning from 1945 to the foundation of the National Group of Structure of the Matter (GNSM, 1965) are reviewed within their historical context. Until the fifties, the Italian research was only marginally involved, if at all, in the main streams of advancement in solid state physics. Starting from the early fifties, an interest for technical applications of the newly introduced semiconductor devices began to grow in the electronic engineering community. In the following years, the birth of a few experimental and theoretical groups lead by highly motivated scientists (some of them with international experience) allowed to deal with the main topics related to condensed matter and semiconductor phenomena. The work developed by these "pioneers", discussed in this paper, represented an invaluable contribution for the new generations of physicists in this research field.

"The Origin of Semiconductor Physics in Italy: 1945 - 1965"

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