Saturday, May 3, 2008

Einstein shot by Esther Bubley

Esther Bubley

"LIFE sent Bubley to photograph Albert Einstein on his 74th birthday. Einstein, who hated photographers, had agreed to a one-hour session, but he relented and allowed the quiet and unobtrusive Bubley to accompany him for the entire day."

Unless you are an aficionado of classic photographic print history, you may never have heard of Esther Bubley who took some remarkable and personal style photographs of Albert Einstein.

Esther Bubley (1921-1998)

Magazines: LIFE: Albert Einstein 74th Birthday (1953)


Esther Bubley: On Assignment


Esther Bubley and Bonnie Yochelson

ISBN: 193178857X

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Timray said...

Einstein looks as if the weight of the world has been his last decades of living....