Saturday, February 28, 2009

Photographic postcards...astronomy

Astronomy for Children--The Lunar Eclipse

Halley's Comet in 1066 from the Bayeux Tapestry
France/United Kingdom

"La Lune pour deux sous" [The Moon for a penny]

Solar Eclipse of August the 31st, 1909
Lyon, France

The Imperial Marine Observatory
Kobe, Japan

The Moreux' Obervatory
Bourges, France

The Solar Eclipse, February the 10th, 1930
Bogota, Columbia


Esteban Ucrós said...

Hi. My mere serendipity I just came across this postcard of the 1930's eclipse in Bogotá. I would love to check it out in a higher resolution. By any chance you have it? Would you use so kind to let me know where you got it? Thanks in advance!

Mercury said...

They came from a simple Google image search. Try entering "astronomy postcards". Good luck.