Friday, February 13, 2009

"Persistence in Kerr Metrics"--Andrea Attili

More representation of the fusion of science and art through Andrea Attili's Persistence in Kerr Metrics [2007].

Kerr metric:

In general relativity, the Kerr metric (or Kerr vacuum) describes the geometry of spacetime around a rotating massive body. According to this metric, such rotating bodies should exhibit frame dragging, an unusual prediction of general relativity; measurement of this frame dragging effect is a major goal of the Gravity Probe B experiment. Roughly speaking, this effect predicts that objects coming close to a rotating mass will be entrained to participate in its rotation, not because of any applied force or torque that can be felt, but rather because the curvature of spacetime associated with rotating bodies. At close enough distances, all objects — even light itself — must rotate with the body; the region where this holds is called the ergosphere.--Wikipedia.

Music is by Kevin Rees from Ambient Collective: Light .

Persistence in Kerr Metrics

Andrea Attili


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