Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pet Poll

"I approved diz poll...and got a free cheese burger"

Well, I am a little surprised...not so much in the results, which I expected according to a similar global survey, but that 71 people, including myself, even look at this blog. Nevertheless, it is pleasing to see that many are quite passionate about, in general, animals and, specifically, animals as pets. [Curious to note that the official counter indicates 61 votes while the sum of the votes is 71?]

The poll was actually structured differently, but I was only allowed "four" responses. My fifth selection would have been "both". But it appears that out of 71, 32 [52%] cast their vote for dogs, 24 [39%] cast their vote for cats, 10 [16%] cast their vote for other, and 5 [8%] cast their vote for no pets at all. Pity those that chose the latter for pets are very beneficial, but I am sure they have sound reasons. For those that voted "other", I bet they had birds at pets.

For the first three responses, there are really no losers. It is an attribute of the human psyche to embrace lower creatures who respond individually and express a love and bond that is quite significant.

I have no problem with dogs, but I have grown up with cats. I like low maintenance animals and animals that can entertain themselves when I am otherwise occupied. But that's just me. It has nothing to do with species superiority.

If you like animals and cannot participate personally, I suggest that you sponsor animal refuge and shelter organizations--makes one feel good.


And this from USA TODAY [February 25th] "Dogs allowed: Creature comforts at the workplace" by Sharon L. Peters.

As a bonus, if you wish, send a response to the blog with your email [which will not be published] and I will supply an email address for you to send a photograph of your pet[s] and I will add to the main body here.

In memory of Cookie, Kansas, Beaker, Kloie, Chris, Sylvie, Bruno.

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