Friday, August 24, 2012

Seven French and one Russian...astronomers' biographies


We provide a brief biography of seven French astronomers and physicists and of a Russian astronomer from the 19th and 20th centuries. Roger Bouigue (1920- ) was the director of Toulouse Observatory in the 1960s. Claude-Louis Mathieu (1783-1875), a member of Bureau des Longitudes, worked in geodetics and celestial mechanics. Claude Pouillet (1790-1868), a physics professor, was the rst to measure the solar constant. Yves Rocard (1903-1992) conducted research in many  felds of physics, and founded the radioastronomy Observatory of Nan cay. Jean Rosch (1915-1999) was the director of Pic du Midi Observatory for over thirty years, and in this capacity lead it to the forefront of research in high-resolution solar and planetary astronomy. Cyrille Souillart (1828-1898) had a lifelong interest in the theory of Jupiter's satellites. Jules Violle (1841- 1923) was a physics professor who determined the temperature of the solar photosphere. The Russian astronomer Kirill Ogorodnikov (1900-1985) wrote a well-known manual on stellar dynamics.

"Biography of eight astronomers and physicists" by Emmanuel Davoust

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