Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Visit to an observatory or planetarium?" poll

Have you ever visited an observatory or planetarium?


Good to see the results. I know one voter lives very close to a famous observatory in Southern California and I bet he has worked on one. :)

McDonald Observatory

University of Texas

NASA Connect

Ancient Observatories

Part 1

NASA Connect

Ancient Observatories

Part 2

Observatories and Telescopes

Hayden Planetarium

American Museum of Natural History

New York

Charlie Rose

February 11th, 2000

City Observatory, Calton Hill--Edinburgh, Scotland

Eden Prairie, Minnesota and their free telescope

LAMOST ushers in "Year of Astronomy"

Lick Observatory...100 years of astronomy

October 2nd, 1608/October 3rd, 1947...optics/telescope

Old observatories

Oldest operating public telescope--Mount Lookout

Palomar Observatory

PBS Palomar documentary

PBS--Palomar Observatory

Photographic postcards...astronomy

Stanhengues...early astronomy?...and new digs

St. George Observatory in Schriever, Lousiana

Vatican Astronomy


Timray said...

shhhhh...any time one works for the Jesuits it is top secret.....jeezers

Mercury said...

Salmon patties talk.