Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Chemistry or physics set in your past" poll

Did you have a chemistry or physics set in your past?


Not quite the same as the old days. Tis a pity for the one who voted "No"...missed opportunity to experiment beyond the manual: Obnoxious odors, explosive gasses, acid/alkali burns, learning to defy the admonitions of parents and teachers, performing experiments involving grams not milligrams...

Those Were The Days

Mary Hopkin


A. C. Gilbert "U-238 Atomic Energy Lab"

Chemistry sets...back?

Mr. Wizard...missed mentor

Mr. Wizard--more

New Book..."Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments..."

Some fun...some science toys

The home chemist...long gone

"Watch Mr. Wizard"--1954 episode

Check out XUMP for chemistry and physics sets and related materials...and many other science items.

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