Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Popular scientists of the past" poll

Who is your choice for "popular" scientist of the past?

Albert Einstein...4
Carl Sagan...1
Don Herbert [Mr. Wizard]...1
Philip Morrison...0

Well, I must say, I expected billions and billions of replies. Though I did not vote for him, I figured that Einstein would be the favorite. Actually, Einstein never did that much popularization of science. It's kind of strange but the populace fell for him and did the promoting. Sagan...I guess people became tired of him. He certainly did inspire a lot of people though. I lost interest when he started chasing aliens. And I thought that a few old codgers would vote for Don Herbert as I did. Morrison is not a household name but he did a lot to promote science including his wife Phyllis who did a lot of work with crystallography.

Albert Einstein:

Many links here...

Albert Einstein's birthday

Deceased--Martin J. Klein

Carl Sagan:

NASA, Sagan, extraterrestrial life

Don Herbert [Mr. Wizard]:

Mr. Wizard...missed mentor

Mr. Wizard--more

"Watch Mr. Wizard"--1954 episode

Philip Morrison:

PSSC Physics

Philip Morrison...physicist

Popularization of science

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