Sunday, April 12, 2009

Einstein & Easter offering

Just an offering during this movable article by M. Barone...


While Special and General Relativity are well known by a very large number of people, Einstein's religious convictions are almost ignored.

The paper focuses on what was his view about immortality.Einstein believed in Spinoza's view of God and in cosmic religion.Since the Special Relativity implies a kind of superdeterminism with the future completely determined,that can be taken as ontological proof for the non-Existence of an hypothetical God.

Because of that K.Popper in a private conversation with him said: "You are Parmenides". Einstein's Pantheism was in contrast with the non-Euclidean universe of Special Relativity.

In conclusion the interest in our times of his Weltanschaung will be taken in consideration.

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Einstein and Religion: Physics and Theology


Max Jammer

ISBN-10: 069110297X
ISBN-13: 978-0691102979


Einstein and Religion: Physics and Theology

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