Thursday, April 9, 2009

"PBS science programs" poll

Do you watch PBS science programs?


PBS is probably the most common source of science programs with free access. For the most part they are informative and thoughtful. Two recent good programs were "Absolute Zero" and "The Trials of J. Robert Oppenheimer". One of the worst was "Einstein's Big Idea" which was too heavy on dramatization and criticized over the role of Einstein's wife Mileva Maric. The BBC ran a docudrama on Albert Einstein and Sir Arthur Eddington [played by Doctor Who's David Tennant] and will probably be picked up by PBS in a year or two. NOVA Science Now and the Scientific American offerings have vanished. Even science programing for children has disappeared...Bill Nye the Science Guy is gone. Some programs like Ruff Ruffman do incorporate some science within an entertainment format of "spills and thrills and adventure".

"Einstein and Eddington"...BBC production

"400 Years of the Telescope" on PBS this Friday

Amber's encapsulated gems

Bill Nye "The Science Guy"..."Stargate Atlantis"

"Doctor Atomic"--Great Performances at the Met

"Einstein's Big Idea"...back again

Fractals via NOVA

Neil deGrasse representative

Neil deGrasse Tyson..."NOVA scienceNow"--2nd season

Newton and 2060

NOVA--"Hunting the Hidden Dimension"

NOVA's "Hunting the Hidden Dimension" transcript available

NOVA's "Absolute Zero"

NOVA's "Absolute Zero"--repeated

PBS Palomar documentary

PBS--Palomar Observatory

"Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives"...NOVA offering

"Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives"--YAWN

Percy Lavon Julian...chemist

"The Atom Smashers"--tonight on PBS

"The Trials of J. Robert Oppenheimer"

"The Trials of J. Robert Oppenheimer"--worthy

Yoky Matsuoka--robotics expert and inventor

[I should mention that PBS has very little to do with these programs. They are just the venue for airing the independent productions.]

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