Friday, April 10, 2009

"Collecting things" poll

Do you collect things such as rocks, minerals, fossils or books or stamps or cat whiskers?


I think there must be a human gene that compels some of us to collect something and this gene tends to disintegrate as one gets older. In youth we start collecting all kinds of things. Middle age initiates refinement and greater focus. As we get older we find good homes for our collectibles or sell them and reap a handsome reward for a life time of efforts. The last stage also carries regrets...I miss my large rock, mineral, and fossil collection [donated to my old high school who could have cared less]...I miss many of my books [given to an ungrateful young woman]. I did make a good deal of money in the philatelic business however. Now, I retain and add to my cat whisker collection. It is small and portable. It encompassed donations from Kansas, Bruce, Emily, Chris, Sylvie, Bruno, Kloie, Beaker, and Oxford over a 37 year span.

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