Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Digital/traditional photography" poll

Other than digital photography, have you participated in traditional photography?


Convenience, ease, speed, cost--hallmarks of the digital era of photography. Yes, things change but the experience of "doing" photography in the traditional manner is a unique experience. For me it was an aesthetic and learning opportunity especially as it moved to a more "hands on" situation and I became more involved in the physics and chemistry of the medium. The EPA was not there to interfere in the individual securing and working with exotic chemicals that were necessary for obscure photographic printing methods as well as the conventional. We worked with extremely poisonous chemicals that now would secure hefty fines and some jail time for purchase and possession. Control and sanitation became the norm and the photographic companies felt the pinch. Fewer products were offered and those that were became very expensive. The market has now virtually disappeared and the processing equipment and cameras have become but a memory.

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