Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yep, there was once a "Miss NASA"

 Miss NASA 1968/1969
 Miss NASA 1970
 Miss NASA 1971
Miss NASA 1973

A Miss NASA beauty pageant? Well, yes. There isn't much information on this event.

Deputy Administrator Lori Garver...Women@NASA keynote speech this past spring [2012] said...

In 1968, NASA held a “Miss NASA beauty contest.” In 1970, a (female) NASA Goddard Space Flight employee wrote a memo to all “Goddard gals” about the propriety of women wearing pants to work, concluding that it was okay as long as it didn’t offend their male bosses. “We cannot allow ourselves to be treated this way,” Garver said, choking up a bit. Where are the pantsuit memos of 2012? She asked. Where does NASA need to work on being more inclusive?

I guess it is now politically incorrect.

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