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Max Planck's son Erwin Planck

Erwin Planck
March 12th, 1893 to January 23rd, 1945

Did you know...

The law scholar Erwin Planck was a son of the physicist and Nobel Prize laureate, Max Planck. In the 1920s Erwin Planck was a senior ministerial official in the Reich Chancellery and became undersecretary of state in 1932. When Reich President Hindenburg appointed Hitler as chancellor on January 30, 1933, Planck was dismissed. After a stay in China he worked in private industry. In 1942-43 Johannes Popitz brought him into contact with the conspirators in the military opposition. Planck met with Ludwig Beck, Carl Goerdeler, Ulrich von Hassell, Friedrich Olbricht and others in Popitz’s house. Planck was informed of the plans for a coup. After the unsuccessful assassination attempt of July 20, 1944, Erwin Planck was arrested by the Gestapo. He was sentenced to death by the People’s Court on October 23, 1944 and murdered on January 23, 1945 in Berlin-Plötzensee.


Erwin Planck was born as a fourth child of the physicist Max Planck and his first Mrs. Marie. After the Abitur 1911 Planck was involved to the military and hit the officer career. In the 1. It came to world war early (1914) into French war shank. After its return it was active in the general staff, where it met major von Schleicher for the first time, from which a lifelong friendship developed.

Schleicher, which was director/conductor of the political department, got it 1920 in the realm military Ministry and sent it as a contact man into the Reichskanzlei. 1923 married Planck the later lady doctor Nelly Schoeller, youngest daughter well-known citizens of Berlin of the banker and secret sea-action advice Alexander Schoeller. 1926 changed Planck completely as a government advice to its separating from the realm resistance into the Reichskanzlei.

1932 he became undersecretary of state under Papen and late Schleicher in the realm chancellorship.

After Hitler's seizure of power Planck became from the government service to dismiss and went for one year to Eastern Asia. Briefly after its return Schleicher was shot of the SS. Planck strove in vain thereafter around the clearing-up of the murder at his friend.

1936 changed Planck into the economy and became leading employees of the petrol Wolff company in Cologne. 1939 he transferred the line of the branch to Berlin.

In August 1939 a group with the Prussian Minister of Finance von Popitz, Planck and the realm bank president pit contacted general Thomas, the boss of the Wehrwirtschats and office for arms with the request to prevent the forthcoming war. Thereupon this wrote a memorandum, which he its superior, to who boss of the supreme command of the armed forces submitted William Keitel, with contents that a war would release a world war, which Germany could not win due to substantial supply problems against Poland. Keitel stirred up off that Hitler no such war flat.

1940 sketched Planck, Popitz, Hassell and Beck a “provisional constitution” in the acceptance that the forthcoming attack of the west Hitler would fall. Also in the consequence Planck remained unsuccessfully in the resistance against the regime active and took part also in the assassination attempt on Hitler. It became therefore to 23. July 1944 arrests and brought into the headquarters of the Gestapo. Planck became of the people's court to 23. October 1944 to death condemns and to 23. January 1945 in Berlin Plötzensee murders.

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