Thursday, March 28, 2013

Religion in the construction of the models of the Universe between the 11th and 17th Centuries in the Ukraine


Cosmology, whose object is the Universe, is in contact with the religion closer than any other science. We will try to trace the historical change of views on the universe in Ukraine from XI to XVII centuries and show the influence of religion in the construction of the models of the Universe in that time. In the early XIth century, a great authority, and the spread had a Byzantine texts.  In Ukrainian chronicles were described the structure of the world. The astronomical interpretation of cosmological ideas, a system of Ptolemy, was stated in treatise ‘Izbornik’ (in 1073 and 1076). In the XV century in Ukraine were spread ‘Cosmography’ De-Sakrabosko and ‘Shestokryl’ Immanuel bar-Jakob.

The first course of Nature Philosophy that was read in Ukraine and studied the system of Copernicus was Gizel’s philosophy course ‘The work of the whole philosophy’ (1645-1647).

Th. Prokopovich was also the first who gave an explanation of Copernicus’s theory (early XVIIIth century). Despite the fact that in his course taught various systems of the world, but he believed that the world had been created by God. Until the end of the XVIIIth century a key role in explaining the origin and structure of the Universe had a religion and the Bible text.

TO XVII CENTURY) by Koltachykhina Oksana Yu

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