Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Some novelty tunes about flying saucers and UFOs

Host Jerry Modjeski [KFAI] plays music from the 1940s to the present about flying saucers and UFOs.

"We're Going UFOing" by Jimmy Durante

"Flying Saucer Polka," by Brave Combo

"Take Me to Your Leader Cha-Cha" by Sam Space and the Cadets

"Martian Hop" bynThe Ran-Dells

"UFO" by Nina Hagen

"Motorway" by The Pixies

And many more...

Broadcast on July 7th, 2001.

Part One

Part Two

And finally these two classics...

Santa and The Satellite

Parts 1 and 2 


Buchanan and Goodman

The Flying Saucer

Parts 1 and 2


Buchanan and Goodman

Buchanan & Goodman [Wikipedia]

The Flying Saucer [Wikipedia]

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