Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Conflict's" "The Man from 1997"...55 years ago this month

Conflict [1956 to early 1957]


Conflict is a 1956 ABC series that directly succeeded Warner Brothers Presents. It is most famous for having hosted the effective pilots of 77 Sunset Strip and Maverick.

Although it assumed the same time slot as its predecessor, the two do not share the same format. Where Warner Brothers Presents had been a wheel series, Conflict was a fully anthological series. However, since Cheyenne and Conflict alternated the Tuesday 7:30pm time slot, the net effect was that of a proper wheel series—even though Cheyenne and Conflict were not under the same umbrella title.

The name change was imposed upon its production company, Warner Bros., by ABC executives who believed that "conflict" was the missing element in Casablanca and King's Row from Warner Brothers Presents.

The show does not fit neatly into standard American television seasons. It technically superseded Warner Brothers Presents after Casablanca concluded its run in April 1956. And it seems to have provided at least one week of new material at the beginning of the 1957 season, before Sugarfoot took its place.

"The Man from 1997"

Directed by

Roy Del Ruth

Written by

James Gunn

Original story by

Alfred Bester


James Garner, Charles Ruggles and Jacques Sernas

November 7th, 1956

"The Man from 1997"

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