Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Alice in Wonderland" interpretative compilation

Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland--the "unbirthday tea party".

This is the first known screen adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.


Give it some thought...Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland [and Through the looking Glass] probably have the distinction of more literary and film interpretations than any other piece of literature.

Arthur Rackham

Salvador Dali

And the celluloid world has had scores of presentations from professional to amateur...animated, live, stop motion [Lou Bunin, Jan Svanmajer, and Walt Disney].

Trailer for Jan Svanmajer's Alice...

And the amateur has been busy too with some wild interpretations. You have to remember that it is quite difficult to express on film the subtle logic of Lewis Carroll so most stick to the basic framework.

Here are some sample amateur films...

This is the most difficult to follow...

And, this is the best...

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