Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yes Virginia, there is a village named "Frankenstein" in America

And, it is the only town in the United States with that name. I understand that it is still there and probably looks the same [with some age] since I was there in 1967. Where is it? Well, it is in Osage County about 15 miles East of Jefferson City, Missouri. 

In '67 I was en route to Rolla, Missouri [University of Rolla] from Kansas City for a lecture and discovered a sign that read..."Frankenstein, 4 miles" with the direction pointing left [North]. Why not. I was ahead of my schedule. No, I wasn't expecting to see a castle on a hill or roving bands of villagers with pitchforks. Actually, there was hardly anything save a rather nice looking church [Our Lady Help Of Christians Church].

Internet sources relate little, but the general description is that "The community is believed named not for the monster, but for Gottfried Franken, who donated land to build a church here in 1890."

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