Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Two historical cinematic Halloween offerings

Above is an example of the two-strip cemented positive process. Film strip A is the black and white negative. Film strip B is the black and white silver record of the red layer. Film strip C is the black and white silver record of the green layer.  The two colored records are exposed onto two matrix stock films. This produces film strip D and film strip E. Seeing as the matrix film stock is half the thickness of 35mm film, the two matrix film stocks are cemented together from the base forming film strip F.--Technocolor Film.

Historically, the last of the two-color Technicolor film process and chocked fully of precode titilation.

Doctor X


Doctor X [Wikipedia]

[NOTE: Ever since the first posting, YouTube keeps withdrawing these two films. I cannot find a replacement copy of Mystery of the Wax Museum so you may have to rent or purchase the film.]

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