Monday, December 13, 2010

"Jane and the Dragon"--impressed

Normally, I don't care for CGI [Computer Generated Images] in film since it becomes the film's focal point and quality content disappears but Jane and the Dragon is totally CGI in the format of animation. It works good even though I don't understand the process. The series is totally delightful on many levels: Presentation and thematic. The setting is Medieval. Jane is a pubescent girl challenging the old tradition that all knights are male. Get it? She wants to be a knight. She is assisted by a very likeable dragon [with an accent] and surrounded by by an assortment of characters...a smithy, a gardener, etc....and her foe Gunther. The program also deals with real-life challenges and ethical situations...sometimes a spoken moral at the end.

Here is a complete episode...


See Jane and the Dragon [Wikipedia] for a complete list of characters and history.

The program is aired on GUBA a division of ION television.

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