Thursday, April 10, 2008

Zap the crowds?

Well, Earth isn't "Ardilla", but the concept of the development and deployment of such a weapon, even in its mildest and intentionally benign form, is thick with ethical issues. It was recently revealed that electromagnetic beams were being tested on humans as a means of crowd control. Good and well-meaning intentions often get derailed into something totally different than the original purpose. Given the fact that people are different from one another in attire [some having more metal attachments] and possibly physical devices [metal pins and plates] of a life saving nature, the use of such a device could cause serious injury or death. Line up lawyers for a zillion "wrongful death" suits. Pity the protestor with a pocket full of coins. Also, one has to define what is meant by "crowd control". It is a given here that it is legal to gather and protest. Some persons in a current administration may consider a pro stem cell demonstration threatening and zap the crowd with a dose of electromagnetism. Would it be a legal means of crowd control?

"Details of US microwave-weapon tests revealed"

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