Friday, April 18, 2008

Knowing one's "tyche"

"Religion and Science are two aspects of social life, of which the former has been important as far back as we know anything of man’s mental history, while the latter, after a fitful flickering existence among the Greeks and Arabs, suddenly sprang into importance in the sixteenth century, and has ever since increasingly moulded both the ideas and institutions among which we live."--Bertrand Russell

Longevity i.e., religion [not theology or brother metaphysics] does not necessitate a total sound knowledge platform but maybe only a part--the part we cannot empirically validate. This appears what many scientists will not admit or believe...that a total knowledge of the universe may be impossible via empiricism such as the inexplicable realm of the quantum. Fess up and consider the physical limitations of human comprehension, inadequate instruments to quantify the universe, and most sobering, that the species will cease to exist before even getting close to finding answers.

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