Monday, April 28, 2008

Pied Piper of Astronomy

The other evening I was thinking about people who have attempted to popularize various venues of science and it came to me that a rather unique individual that was featured some time ago on one of those Sunday morning magazine type programs: John Dobson. Scratching your head and wondering who is John Dobson? John Dobson was a man of the streets that brought astronomy to the populace. Dobson was not without controversy for he attempted to bebunk the existence of the photon [via Einstein's own Theory of Relativity] and became an advocate of the "steady state" universe. But the greatest claim to fame was through an organization called "The San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers"--a coproduction founded in 1968. Dobson and friends brought astronomy to the people and he even provided plans for making a homemade telescope. A remarkable individual who loves science and desires to share the same.

"Welcome to the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers"

Popularization of science

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