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Vasa Živković--Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin

Vasa Živković
January 31st, 1819 to June 25th, 1891

Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin
October 4th, 1858 to March 12th, 1935

Dragoljub A. Cucuc's "Mihajlo Pupin and father Vasa Živković" pre-print paper explores the relationship between a scholar and a well-deserving student...academic nurturing is valuable.


Many books, studies and papers were written about Mihajlo Pupin and many national and international symposiums were dedicated to his life and work. Inspite of everything that was achieved in bringing to light Pupin`s life and work there are still insufficiently explored periods filled with important events and influences.

The reason to adventure into this work is the educational character of discovering talent in the pupils and giving necessary support throughout the adversity of growing up. Many talents have disappeared in the everyday of life for the lack of support when it was most needed.

Supporting the talented students does not ensure that their talent would be successfully developed. Many factors need be fulfilled before this is achieved: diligence, health, good fortune ... and only together do they enable the formation of a creator. This paper deals with the connection of two important figures in Serbian history; one of them bringing about the possibility of development for the other.

The goal of this work is to analyze an important period in the life of Mihajlo Pupin which was, as it would prove later, a turning point; a period in which the famous Pančevo priest Vasa Živković (1819 - 1891) took part. It would be injustice not to mention the physics teacher in Pančevo secondary school Šimon Kos (Kos the Slovenian as he is called by many who are mislead by Pupin`s autobiography since his first name is never mentioned in it.) who, according to the autobiography (he is mentioned quite often throughout the work.) had a significant influence on young Mihajlo`s decisions.

The period analyzed in this paper is Pupin`s life in Pančevo where historical conditions, personal support and favorable circumstances influenced him to continue his education in Prague. Special attention was paid to Pupin`s years in Pančevo secondary school, especially the period between May and August of 1872. (when the decision of leaving to Prague was being made) and the departure to Prague itself.

Written materials, both published and unpublished from Pančevo city archives were used in this paper as well as Mihajlo Pupin`s autobiography From pasture to scientist, records from parish administration meetings, letters of father Vasa Živković, Pupin`s biographies and collections of studies dealing with Mihajlo Pupin`s life and work.

"Mihajlo Pupin and father Vasa Živković"

Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin

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