Tuesday, December 23, 2008

BUBL LINK--specialized search engine

000 Generalities
Includes: computing, Internet, libraries, information science
500 Science and mathematics
Includes: physics, chemistry, earth sciences, biology, zoology

100 Philosophy and psychology
Includes: ethics, paranormal phenomena
600 Technology
Includes: medicine, engineering, agriculture, management

200 Religion
Includes: bibles, religions of the world
700 The arts
Includes: art, planning, architecture, music, sport

300 Social sciences
Includes: sociology, politics, economics, law, education
800 Literature and rhetoric
Includes: literature of specific languages

400 Language
Includes: linguistics, language learning, specific languages
900 Geography and history
Includes: travel, genealogy, archaeology

This is like a link repository for a variety of subjects...from the humanities to the sciences referencing organizations, university departments, journals, articles, images, etc.


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