Friday, June 13, 2008



I said no more felines, but that cannot be despite the strong mourning for Bruno. However, on the evening of June 12th during severe weather "Oxford" was delivered as a result of saving him from kind people who were forced to reduce their feline collection from five to two by an over zealous apartment manager trying to micromanage residents. Why the name "Oxford"...two reasons: He reminds me of a pair of saddle oxford shoes [contrasting black and white] and represents Oxford University...the location of many crime-ridden mysteries involving Detective Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse and Detective Inspector Robert Lewis--a favorite pair of sleuths next to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. So we start new adventures.'s end


Timray said...

well welcome there Oxford!!!! glad you are on board!!! and may i add i am looking forward to occasionally sending you a surprise!!!

Mercury said...


Anything except anchovies flavored treats mainly because I snack on them too.

Mercury said...

So far so good.


good move David



Oxford looks not much like my dead cat Oddbin but the tears just started to my eyes - another black and white cat, another beauty. If you get a fraction of the pleasure that you got out of Bruno and I got out of Oddzie you will be in a very good place. A lovely photo - I feel that if I reached out I could touch his fur, and if I close my eyes I can feel the texture. How old is he?

My mother is from Oxford - and my Dad was at university there, which is how they met. I used to spend all my summers there when both maternal grandparents were alive, and I go upto the Ashmolean Museum (where I once lectured) at least once a year. A fine name! Cannot believe that you love Morse and Lewis - two of my favourites but I always assumed it was a purely English thing.



I'm so happy you found Oxford!! I know he'll make your life so much brighter. I couldn't imagine you without a feline friend in your life! Hopefully, I can come visit him soon. ,,, ...I'll come to visit you and Oxford. Keep the faith, buddy.

Love ya,



Hi David, thanks for being such a good care giver to all the cats. I'm grateful they were a part of my kitty experience. I know this is not easy but I'm sure Bruno and Sylvie and Chris and Kansas and all of them are having a good time just romping and playing even though we don't see them.



Damn, Oxford's cute!!! You got a winner there.

Patrick Neas


Orki said...

Cool Beans. Nice to meet cha Oxford. I love your name. Isn't it curious how life keeps working out?

Stephani said...

It looks like Oxford chose wisely!

Well done!

We'll have to send a "house-welcoming" present for your new family member.


BTW - I'm still stumping on that blasted crop circle!