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"Alien Worlds" sci fi drama from 1978 to 1980


Alien Worlds was a syndicated radio show created by radio personality Lee Hansen. It aired 26 half-hour episodes between 1978 and 1980, becoming well known for its realistic sound effects, high production values and documentary style of dialog.


The science fiction show was first syndicated by Watermark Inc. after Lee Hansen was hired as their creative director. After advancing the concept of an action-adventure dramatic radio series, Lee began developing the concept in the fall of 1978. Watermark premiered the first episode, "The Sun Stealers", on January 7, 1979.

The series gained popularity thanks to its relatable characters, full symphonic soundtrack, realistic sound effects, high production values and documentary style format. Eventually over 500 US FM radio stations, along with stations in New Zealand and Australia aired the series. Between 1979 and 1980, 26 half-hour programs were broadcast at various times on weekends, where they gained favorable worldwide press acclaim. Alien Worlds was soon heard on a weekly basis by millions of fans and was eventually carried by over 1500 top-rated FM radio stations worldwide. The series' sponsor was Peter Paul, Cadbury which advertised Cadbury Caramello chocolates touting their caramel centers.

Four additional episodes were produced but never aired.The show is currently available on Sirius Satellite Radio and on the Alien Worlds website. The series is being developed for 3-D animation for television and DVD release.

Plot summary

The ISA, or International Space Authority, is a governing body of space development and exploration. Organized by all earth nations, it advances humans into deep space. Their base is officially named "The Arthur C. Clarke Astronomical Observatory" or "Starlab." Commissioner White commands the base, and under his command aboard Starlab are Research Director Dr. Maura Cassidy along with Starlab's Director of Operations, Jerry Lyden, and two ISA Pilots affectionately known as "rocket jockies" Captains Jon Graydon and Buddy Griff.



Roger Dressler as Narrator & Commissioner White
Linda Gary as Maura Cassidy
Bruce Phillip Miller as SET Captain Jon Graydon
Corey Burton as Starlab Controller Jerry Lyden
Chuck Olsen as SET Captain Buddy Griff


The original music score and theme, entitled The Aliens World Suite, was composed by Jim Kirk and engineered by Dick Kewzey. It was performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, comprising a 57 piece Westminster Sinfonia in Wembley, England.

Many of the realistic sound effects were recorded in four different sessions on an oil tanker in a San Pedro dry dock.

Part 1
Part 2

More episodes.

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