Sunday, February 20, 2011

R. G. Chandra

R. G. Chandra
July 16th, 1878 to April 3rd, 1975

The ever flourishing human society always receives dedicated service of a very few among its member for acquiring more accurate knowledge about the phenomena of nature and thus with the advancement of time the society enables to march forward in the direction of prosperity. The name of late Radha Gobinda Chandra (1878 - 1975) can be proudly enlisted along with many such dedicated souls for his untiring service rendered in the cause of development in astronomical knowledge with his humble might.

"A Village Astronomer: Life and Works of R. G. Chandra" by Sudhindra Nath Biswas, Mahatma Aswini Kumar and Satyabharati Vidyapith

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