Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Euclid at Christmas

"All I want for Christmas are these badass Euclidian sculptures"


Robert T. Gonzalez

December 3rd, 2013


From London-based "paper engineer" (paper engineer!) Helen Friel comes this creative collection of colorful folding geometric designs. The name of the collection? "Here's looking at Euclid." GEOMETRY PUNS! We must have these.

The paper sculpture collection takes its inspiration (and color scheme) from mathematician Oliver Byrne's The Elements of Euclid, a book' whose subtitle reads:"In which coloured diagrams and symbols are used instead of letters for the greater ease of learners."

Friedel explains why she drew on Byrne's Elements in a recent interview with ROCKPAPERINK:

    The books were published in 1847 but the colors and clean lines could be from today. Byrne also simplified Euclid's proofs by using color instead of letters and numbers. It's a more visual and intriguing way to describe the geometry. I love anything that simplifies. I find it very appealing!

    The colors came directly from Byrne's illustrations. The primary colors are really lovely, bright and very reminiscent of Mondrian. Byrne was definitely ahead of his time [Ed. Note: It's true; Byrne's illustrations are absolutely beautiful, and unmistakably modern]. He was a bit of an eccentric.

Below are a few examples of Friedel's sculptures juxtaposed with their 19th Century counterparts. As far as I can tell, the actual templates for these structures are not available for purchase (the process behind their creation actually looks rather involved); their likeness, however, is available in the form of some pretty snazzy business cards..., which you can pick up  here .

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