Saturday, July 4, 2009

Symbiosis between mankind and pets poll

Do you believe that there is "science" in the idea that our pets can resonate with human dispositions...such as moods, behavior, physical characteristics?


As far as I know there is no "scientific" evidence but this is one of those metaphysical answers. I have been brought up around animals all of my life and witnessed some interaction. Can't prove a thing. Do you have any anecdotes?


Timothy said...

when i was a youth we used to have a dog who could tell when my Dad turned the corner because when Dad would arrive that dog was out of Dad's chair and on the floor. his ears would pop straight up and i could tell he that may have been, probably was, the unique noise of that car engine and animals attcah noise to us. that is the reason why my cats are at the door when i walk up. i have tried to be quiet and yet there they are. but i think they can read moods by voice, body movements....a whole range of factors....but i am eternally glad we have them and i do not understand people who do not own animals

Mercury said...

I am sure Tim that thousands and thousands of stories could be told. I can remember that when my father would be gone on a business trip feline Cookie would spend a lot her time close to his slippers until he returned. And just a few years ago when feline Sylvie passed away, Beaker, my outdoor cat, sat silently near me as I was preparing her resting place adjacent to her half sister Chris. Silently he sat until she was buried and then he spent a good fifteen minutes racing all over the back yard in vigorous play. Sure, they understand grief.