Friday, July 3, 2009

Return to the Moon poll

40 years ago we went to the moon. Should we return?


I won't belabor the point but a trip to the Moon [or anywhere Mars] at this time is just not a good idea. The United States' fiscal crisis cannot warrant such a venture, NASA has some serious economic issues, the methodology of getting there is outdated and risky, and the whole idea of pushing man into space is questionable. It is still a better idea to send satellites and probes. Common sense rules over grandeur of space travel--let the science fiction writers satisfy that need.


Timothy said...

has anyone been watching Congressional junkets lately???? how is it possible a congress person is allowed to take the whole family to the Galapagos Islands???? the country is in a financial meltdown and these people are on holiday.....

Anonymous said...

Robots are for the exploration of space.

Humans are for the colonization of space.

Once you have this mantra it makes more sense and money can be sent accordingly.

We will colonize space one day and this economic crisis will not last. Neither should short-sightedness.